Mesoscooter is a device for skin rejuvenation.

With technological developments in the cosmetic industry, some salon treatments are becoming possible at home. For example, devices with infrared radiation and microcurrents to tighten the skin or mesorollers for mesotherapy to moisturize and nourish the skin from within. If infrared light and microcurrents are considered safe rejuvenation techniques, then a mesoscooter seems to many to be a risky device, since when using it, the top layer of the skin is injured so that useful substances can penetrate inside.

How dangerous is a mesoscooter at home and how to use this device with minimal risk? Its affordable price makes it a very attractive device for rejuvenation. So let's look at its peculiarities and contraindications.

What is a Mesoscooter?

A mesoscooter or dermaroller is a cosmetic device with a roller that has microscopic needles on it. When it comes into contact with the skin, the Mesoscooter uses pressure to penetrate the upper layer of the epidermis, ensuring that the serum penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin compared to superficial application of the care product. In salon cosmetology, the Mesoscooter has long been used as a device for moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. Due to the damage, the process of tissue regeneration begins, so the skin becomes tighter and more elastic even when using the device without auxiliary serum.

Skin rejuvenation device

What is the working principle of a mesoscooter?

The principle of operation of the Mesoscooter is controlled damage: when you use the device in a salon, depending on the condition of your skin, the specialist selects the size and length of the needles, the pressure force and the type of nourishing serum or cocktail of several serums thatinvolved in the process. In fact, peels work on a similar principle: whether it is a mechanical peel, for example with coffee cake, or a chemical peel with acids, both aim to remove the top layer of skin and initiate regeneration processes after minor injuries to the epidermis.

Using a skin rejuvenation device

How does a home mesoroller differ from a professional one?

There are two types of mesoscooters – professional scooters and home scooters. Among professional models, there are also more advanced models that are connected to a computer, which itself programs the pressure and depth of penetration of the needles into the skin. The needle length of such devices can be up to 3 mm and the procedure must be performed by a certified cosmetologist or dermatologist with prior topical anesthesia. The home mesoroller has much shorter needles: from 0. 2 mm for the lips and the area around the mouth and eyes to 0. 5 mm for other areas of the face, including the neck and décolleté. Household appliances only affect the top layer of skin and usually only damage the surface when blood is produced. The smaller the role of the Mesoscooter, the easier it is to use on sensitive areas, such as the area above the lips. Wider rollers are used on the forehead and décolleté.

Result of using the device for skin rejuvenation

What is more effective – a mesoscooter or injections?

Question number one: Is it worth waiting for a miracle? Compared to injections, a homemade mesoscooter does not penetrate as deeply into the skin to deliver all the useful cosmetic components. But the cost is so affordable that, unlike salon treatments, everyone can afford a mesoscooter. With regular use, you can expect to see a smoothing of skin texture, a reduction in pore size, and an overall improvement in skin texture due to compaction. When working with post-acne, the Mesoscooter shows good results: regular, controlled trauma to the skin triggers renewal processes and the skin in scar areas is smoothed.

Comparison of results before and after using the device

How to use a mesoscooter at home?

It is necessary to use a mesoscooter in several repeated procedures, for example, four days in a row, followed by a week-long skin recovery period. Before use, the device must be treated with an antiseptic and the skin must be cleaned of makeup and other contaminants. First, apply the serum to your face using a cotton pad or drop method, then connect the Mesoscooter: massage it along the same lines where you normally roll a quartz facial roller, 4-5 times in each direction. You will notice the effect - a reddening of the skin, but you definitely shouldn't let it bleed. The Mesoscooter does not last for years because the microscopic needles deform quickly. So, after 2-3 months of active use, you will either have to change the scooter or buy a new device.

recommended exposure schedule for the device

Which product should I use with the Mesoscooter?

To experience the most effective effects of a mesoscooter, complement it with a nourishing serum: it can be moisturizing, rejuvenating or help fight pigmentation. A popular component of mesotherapy is hyaluronic acid, to which other ingredients and vitamins are usually added. One month before you start using the Mesoscooter, take a course of retinol to prepare the skin. Completely avoid peelings and peelings during the procedure and when leaving the house, do not forget to use sunscreen with SPF 50. Immediately after the massage with the Mesoscooter, you can apply moisturizer or Bepanthen to soothe the skin, but it is better with theMake-up wait until the redness disappears.

the use of various products in conjunction with a skin rejuvenation device

Contraindications to the use of a mesoscooter

The device is used on clean skin without active inflammation in the form of herpes, rashes or pimples and is not recommended for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or neurodermatitis. If you have problematic skin, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist in advance. It is better to avoid using a mesoscooter if you are also taking antibiotics, anticoagulants or hormone preparations, or are undergoing peelings, laser hair removal, Botox or other injections. Injured skin forces our body to work harder, so you should not use a mesoscooter if you have a cold, an infectious disease or during pregnancy.

Indications and contraindications for using the device for skin rejuvenation